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  • lowest value-added tax in Europe: 4.5%.
  • average social contribution for companies: 15.5% 
  • company taxes on benefits max. 10%.
  • corporate tax for companies who manage intangible assets or develop trade activities, investments and financing on international level: Max. 10% of corporate taxes.
  • Some holdings are exempt from corporation taxes.
  • Important generous tax exemptions including 100% in the PIT  in the first 24,000 € per year.
  • very affordable costs related to business and infrastructure.
  • relatively low annual expenses regarding municipal, government and chamber of commerce rates: Ca. 800€ for ordinary companies.
  • Andorra has double taxation agreements (CDI) with Spain, France, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates.
  • These agreements are intended to prevent a person from having their income recorded twice due to residing in two different territories alternately.
  • Slowly Andorra is closing new double taxation agreements with other countries.
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